9 Cool Modern Outdoor Lamps And Lights To Try

As the outdoor season is on, we continue sharing the coolest ideas of décor, furniture, appliances and other stuff for various outdoor spaces – from balconies to patios. Today’s roundup is dedicated to an important thing that is often hard to choose: an outdoor lamp. Outdoor lights are hard to find because you need to take many things into consideration: your space style, durability and protection from bad weather conditions and energy wastes and so on. These cool lamps will light up your outdoors the best way possible and will be a stylish addition!

Mate lamp by designer Geert Koster is a very stylish and modern solution made of white steel and a usual bulb. It washes away the boundaries between the interior and exterior because the lamp looks like a usual bedside lamp but a long leg makes it look like a street lamp.

Dutch company BLOOM! has a portable lamp for outdoors, designed by Rob Slewe, that works on any wall, fence, or even a table. The BLOOM! Wall Lamp will add extra light wherever you need it outside. Its clever design basically slices a regular lamp in half giving it the surface needed to rest flat against a wall.

Concrete is a great outdoor material that guarantees durability. Rainer Mutsch has designed pendant light for outdoor usage consisting of three hand molded fiber-cement shells and sailing rope. Eternit fiber-cement is a highly durable, recyclable material made of natural materials like cellulose fibers and water and was originally developed as a material for cladding and roof coverings.

The iconic Anglepoise® desk lamp has been around since the 1930s staying fairly true to form. Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor Collection repeats that iconic look and includes a floor lamp and an articulated wall-mounted lamp. These lamps make an oversized statement piece while bringing much-needed light to your outdoor space.

Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal designed a different kind of outdoor lamp. Halley is a slim, arched light that illuminates an arc of light overhead to create a comfortable outdoor environment. The lightweight design is easy to move and assemble letting you set it up wherever you need some extra light. It’s water-resistant for outdoor use and is outfitted with LEDs protected by a frosted lens that provides the perfect diffusion.

Halley lighting arch by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal (via www.digsdigs.com)

Halley lighting arch by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal (via www.digsdigs.com)

Pollicino is a LED outdoor lights made by Antonangeli Illuminazione to be used as steps signs. They also are good as swinging lamp to emphasize trees, sculptures, architecture. All you need is to put bulbs on the floor without setting and join in sequence in a easy and safe way.

Designer Arik Levy reinterpreted the archetype lampshade for both interiors and exteriors. Butler lamp deceives the viewer by appearing to be made of aluminum like the majority of outdoor lights. Once you touch the shade, it’s immediately clear that the material chosen is a polymer with a resistant coating. The delta light series comes in different floor and wall mounted versions and all come in black or aluminum grey finishes.

Combining different types of furniture in one is a hot trend right now, and designer Jean Marie Massaud decided to combine a table with a solar power lamp. This ‘Terra’ line can sit at different angles to collect the sun’s solar power to store for later in the evening and is made from polyethylene. The outdoor model is constructed to allow rainwater to run off, so you don’t have to position it under cover.

Terra solar lamps and tables by designer Jean Marie Massaud  (via www.digsdigs.com)

Terra solar lamps and tables by designer Jean Marie Massaud (via www.digsdigs.com)

Paris lamp by Maiori is a solar-powered, autonomous illuminating object draws its influences from the historical streets of paris, where by night, luminosity drew people into the streets for which the French capital has now been nicknamed the ‘city of light’. Weatherproof so it holds-up against the elements, it can be customized through 26 different combinations and works on a modular system which sees it functioning as both a hanging; or standing lamp  accompanied by a 360 degree adjustable multi-position lampshade.

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