10 Whimsy Kids’ Furniture Pieces And Accessories By Circu

whimsy kids furniture pieces and accessories by circu cover

Circu was built under a dream! The dream is to allow children to dream their own dreams and to really give them space to be and live their fantasies and magical world. Their hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces are made with the finest materials, combined with a lot of passion. Circu wants to create spaces where children fall asleep playing, surrounded by life and joy. They are striving to create moments and unique experiences where the furniture will be a link between the real world and children dreams. Wanna see some of the most eye-catching designs?


Fantasy Air Balloon is the perfect piece for your kids to dream. This amazing piece is a bed and can be customized for little girls or boys. When they grow up, this baby nest can be transformed into a teen sofa. With large storage capacities, thanks to several drawers, this amazing piece will help parents organize their kids room. The handmade touch of the wicker work brings a special touch to this piece.

Bun Van is a bed, reinvented by CIRCU. This bed is perfect to bring some fun and imagination to rooms! Inside it contains several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, a desk, a mini bar and a sofa. Parents will recognize the inspirations for this piece, one of the most remarkable vehicles ever produced and at the same time, one of the most iconic and magical symbols of fun and freedom!

Inspired in the Disney movie “Little Mermaid”, Little Mermaid Bed was designed by Circu, and it’s a shell shaped bed. Shells are meant to protect little pearls, to protect them from the mother nature. This princess bed will protect your little girl, and help her to dream and become an under the sea princess.

Sky B Plane is a bed inspired by Disney movie “Planes”. Bring a little aviation-inspired magic to the little pilot’s bedroom. With a creative and playful design, the Sky B Plane makes the crib-to-bed transition as painless as possible. The decorative suitcases are storage compartments and allow the kid to climb up and down the airplane.


Circu’s Cloud Lamps are inspired in the Pixar short film “Partly Cloudy” and the sweet connection between the clouds and babies. Clouds transmit us the sense of serenity and peace, the same feeling that we want to transmit to our kids. Inside, it has a light and sound system which are controlled by a mobile app (Ilight) or a remote with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time.

The Cloud Lamps are perfect to calm your kid before he falls asleep. With some new high technology, CIRCU is ready to help parents with the difficult task of getting their kids sleeping.

Toy Boxes

Copper box is a Toy box inspired by the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world. A piece that allows your kid to embrace magic and creativity, while giving you the opportunity to add some extra storage space to your child’s room.

Silver box has a secret compartment and a rotating cover, this is the ideal box for your kids! Let him or her store everything they need like a real treasure.


Moon Rug is the ideal piece for your little astronaut or adventurous kid room. It can be used as his spot of fun and play and also brings a warm decoration to the space. Designed by Circu, this printed rug has a tufted cut pile and is made of polyamide.

Give your kids bedroom design a warm and comfortable feeling with CIRCU’s Cloud Rug. Every little boy or girl dreams about their wonderland and this rug is the ultimate decor piece to complete such a magical place. Cloud rug is made of artificial sheep wool, acrylic and polyester.

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